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Authentic cause partnership storytelling that tells the true impact of who you are, what you do, and what you stand for!

Because audiences want to know!

We are revolutionizing how non-profit, grassroots organizations and corporate social responsibility platforms actively work together. Celebrate it. Talk about it!

Social Impact Podcasts | DocuPods | Production & Narrative Projects

Encouraging Involvement by Businesses, Organizations and Audiences

Corporations and Small Businesses

  • Are you looking for innovative ways to enhance and differentiate your brand work through authentic & actionable social impact partnerships?

  • Are you looking to meet consumers where they live?

  • How does your story as a sustainable-market differentiator go?

  • Do you know that consumers prioritize companies that are responsible, caring, advocate for issues, and environmental stewards?

  • Do hiring candidates demand you have a track-record of strong social values and involvement?

Through our ‘Encourage Impact Partnership’ program Humm matches you with an organization whose mission is authentically aligned with your social responsibility platform.  We tell the story of this impactful cause partnership in our podcasts, DocuPods™ and marketing campaigns with an emphasis on your why.

Be an Encourage Impact Partner with us!


Ad-Read Advertising opportunities, too! 

Featured Organizations (Grassroots, non-profit)

  • Are you looking for new and no cost ways to tell your story of ordinary people doing extraordinary and impactful things in our communities?

  • Are you looking for strategic corporate partnerships that can provide useful relationships and valued resources?

We want to tell your story! How it began, the history of your mission, the wins and struggles of your work, the impact you provide and how your community supports you, the goals you’ve set and the calls to action you share at every turn.

We all know awareness is imperative for outreach!


  • Are you looking for honest, positive stories and the ability to make a difference through action?

  • Do you make purchasing decisions based on social responsibility research you do on the brands you support?

  • Are you curious about cause partnerships?

  • Do you want to work for a company who place a high value on social outreach, the environment, sustainability and humanity?

  • Do you love podcasts and short documentary films?

Our shows push the boundaries of how we share stories. They honor resolve, encourage connection, and spark new understandings from where we are; these stories aren’t just entertainment—they’re fundamental to building familiarity and trust.

Sparking a broader dialogue focused on a force for good.

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