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Humm Productions – a media collaborative, values the power of the human voice, social responsibility and how stories connect us with communities and brands we support. 

Traditional media often lacks the ability to capture the collective wisdom and cultural insights of a community.  We create captivating stories and inspire beneficial calls to action.  Finding value in good news and amplifying humanitarian work.  Objectively, it’s a good thing.

Impactually Show

You can’t win ‘em all… or can you?  Welcome to Impactually – the power of one voice multiplied.

Impactually sponsorships have the power to connect brands with their customers on a more human level.  Partnerships with our clients capture and creatively communicate who the business is, what the business does and what the business stands for. Join us as we share inclusive and positive stories and promote companies who are using sustainable commerce as a force for good by engaging with communities the world over and inspiring calls to action.  Because it’s impact, actually!

Impactually Shows are produced either as standard podcasts or our experiential blend of audio/visual – Docupod™.    


What is a docupod™?  It’s a unique intellectual property of Humm Productions that goes beyond the limitations of “just a podcast”, or “just an oral history”.  A docupod is a visual companion piece paired to a traditional podcast.  By blending podcasting and documentary filmmaking, docupods bring social impact and culture to life through multi-sensory story experiences.


Oral history projects provide a more personal way for individuals to share stories and control their narrative.  Oral histories are a learning opportunity to gain more insight on a specific time and place in history.  They can be used to challenge old assumptions and bring new voices to familiar stories. Oral histories can be used for exhibit & historical curation, education and arts enrichment, economic development, branding purposes, public policy projects or for personal use.

Narrative Projects are produced either as standard, brand specific podcasts or our experiential blend of audio/visual – Docupod™. 


Legacy projects reignite personal purpose, they are living conversations that capture personal histories to share with multiple generations, stakeholders, customers, new hires, or for exhibit.  Utilizing our self-guided video workshops or by hiring a Humm specialist, anyone can learn how to produce their own legacy documentary projects and preserve their personal histories.

Coming November, 2021 – stay tuned!