For two Jewish women whose parents miraculously survived the Holocaust, storytelling as a means of remembering the tales of horror and heroism are part of their family legacies.  While their stories of loss and survival are different, they are bonded in their work as active voices of the Second Generation.  It’s called “Testimony,” and our story starts here.  Hanna Bloch…

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EJ Precisely

Eric Wallner, is a visionary who is powered by the sun, art, invention and thermal winds – self-taught and with quiet focus, he looks for them.  To live.  To imagine.  To fly.  He and his partner, Michelle, built this little house on the hill with social and environmental responsibility at the top of their list.  Along with Tony Wood and…

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Take Me Home

West Virginia is home to spectacular river valleys, stunning mountainous terrain, important natural resources and a strong sense of belonging.  Its a state of unimaginable beauty with more than 24,000 square miles of it being Appalachian forest.  It’s a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. A group of locally sourced leaders from West Virginia feels SO strongly about the…

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Settle In

Jenna and Chris Simpler chose the Poconos and have invested both significant amounts of money and time in this revitalization – valuing the history, natural beauty and economic opportunities of these mountain communities. The Simpler’s call it “Everything Old is New Again”. Jenna and Chris are a wonderful example of when spouses work together well. You’ll fall in love with their visions for making hospitality more inclusive, more sustainable and their passion and commitment to caring for others.

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Never Give-r Up

Have you ever wondered…. How a brand is born?  It is an idea?  Is it a philosophy?  Or could it be both? 7 years ago, Bubba Albrecht started a brand in his garage with 2 close friends where he lives in Jackson Hole, WY.  The company is a direct reflection of his love for the…

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Welcome to Eden

Episode One travel with us deep into the heart of Texas. You’ll meet a woman whose green eyes twinkle with secrets and if you ask Craig Pfluger about the magic, he’ll say “It’s the music”. For a small town in its heart, music struck a chord. It’s called Eden and our story starts here.

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