Now What?!

Maria Yuan learned the meaning of democratic civic engagement by witnessing the journey of her immigrant family and how they embraced their duties as new American citizens. Her impact was to start – a non-profit civic engagement tool meant to all Americans.  For another, Emma Welsh-Huggins, it was a college experience: a broad range of social science studies and a keen eye to the benefits of civic engagement. Her impact is as the deputy organizing director of When We All Vote – a non partisan non-profit who sets out to improve the culture around voting.  It’s called “Now what?” and our story starts here.

We’d also like to extend our sincerest thanks to Meagan Dorsch, head of social good at Visible and Steven Shaw, community engagement director at Verizon for helping us facilitate this incredible and heartwarming story.  Visible is an arm of Verizon and they are passionate about supporting start up non-profit organizations through their virtual accelerator program – Visible Connect.  During Issue Voters own start up Maria was chosen to participate in this mobile tech social growth initiative.  Humm Productions is grateful to our network for suggesting stories like these.

The non-profits for this show are and


To learn more about Issue Voter and sign up:


To learn more about When We All Vote and sign up:


Visible Connect


Citizen Verizon

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The Band – The Accidentals

Song: How Many Hands

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