What animals bring to society – to our families, into our homes or our work – is priceless. But sometimes, their lives don’t start out or end up so great. From Houston to Wisconsin, for two women, their passions in life have come as a calling and they care for souls, both two and four-footed, with a love and patience focused to bring, heal or resurrect life. It’s called Rescued and our story starts here.


This shows featured musicians are A Brighter Bloom.  Their song in the show is “Photographic Memory”.

Arnold Schwartzenegger, Whiskey and Lulu videos link:

Scotsman and Sport Announcer Andrew Cotter video link:

Tufts Institute for Human-Animal Interaction link:

For questions about heartworm:


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  1. Kate Stormes says:

    The Pup by the sunflower is now Pipsqueek and has been with us for 3 years

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