Moms on a Mission

Bridging humor with dreaming and exploring big ideas.  Taking risks.  Building trust.  Experimenting.  Valuing & encouraging play.  Children making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others with kindness.   Some schools are building curriculum around these uniquely human skills because we know young minds developmental success depends on it. 

For two women, Nicole Jakob and Lowey Bundy Sichol, and Dr. Tom Flemma, their ideas came from thinking outside the box when it comes to “can do” kids.  It’s called moms on a mission and our story starts here.

1 comment on “Moms on a Mission

  1. Sally Schneiders says:

    I loved hearing from these mothers who take it upon themselves to inspire their kids, and others, toward living fully engaged in the world outside of themselves.
    I loved hearing Dr. Tom Flemma discuss his philosphy on the benefits of collaborative working with people from all different backgrounds and viewpoints. Our society needs more of this!
    Brooke, love your voice and soft guidance in your interviews- a gift!

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